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Apple Users on iOS 14 Report Problem With WhatsApp Notifications

Since the release of iOS 14 or later, many iPhone users are now complaining about not getting Notifications like text, iMessages, and even WhatsApp messages. Many users have complained at Online platforms, including Apple Community forums.

This issue has been reported after updating to iOS 14. Since the release of this version on 16th September 2020, many users are not able to get any notifications. This issue is not related to the delivery of the new message, but issues like Pop-Up, Red Badge that counts unread message seem to be lacking behind.

This is some kind of glitch or bug in this new iOS 14. Many even reported missing Voice call alert notifications. Some third-party apps like WhatsApp and Signal have also the same notification issue.

One user commented on Apple Forum, “I am now missing class and notifications from other apps as well”.

iphone issue messages

You will be surprised to know that this Thread of notification problem has now crossed 43 pages on Apple Forum. Many tricks or fixes have been discussed, but still, the issue keeps appearing.

To fix this, Apple has announced iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.2.1 for iPhone 12 series. But this problem seems to kept appearing and even causing battery drain issues, after an update to this version, for some iPhone users.

Apple is now working on iOS 14.3 to fix all these issues. It is likely to come in a few days. Till then stay connected with DigitalGyan, for more facts.

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