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Apple gets fined $12 Million in Italy for its Water Resistance Claims

Italy has fined Apple Corporation for “Aggressive and Misleading” Commercial Practice. About $12 million or 88 Crore fine was imposed in Italy because they advertise water resistance for its devices.

In the statement of the regulator, they said that Apple advertises iPhone as water resistance without any proof or clarifying the statement or not any particular certain circumstances.

It’s a kind of trick or malpractice to its customer through its disclaimers. In their warranty, it is stated that phones aren’t covered in the warranty in case of damage from liquids. Customers too are not provided support when their phone gets damaged by water or other liquid. This is kind of misleading as the iPhone claims to be water-resistant.


After getting charged for such an issue, Apple ignores to comment on this topic. It is difficult for Apple also to differentiate water damage that can occur in their product testing, and even checking other strict conditions too.

In the meantime, if you have an iPhone, don’t test for its waterproof, as it might damage your warranty claim also.

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