Android 12 may revamp split-screen multitasking with “App Pairs”

There’s a split-screen feature in Android 11 that lets you use two side-by-side applications. But the function is a little awkward to incorporate, so Google is testing other concepts.

The search giant is working on a complete revamp of the split screen system in Android 12 with a new functionality named ‘App Pairs,’ according to 9to5Google. The existing system pins one app and then opens another; App Pairs will group two applications together in Android 12 to use as one mission.

“What this should mean is that to become a pair, you will be able to choose two of your recently opened apps,” 9to5 Google said. “You should be able to swap easily to use a different single app once paired, and then swap back to the pair.” Potentially, we might get a peek into what Android 12 has in store relatively soon.

Split Screen

In mid-February, which is around a month out, the first Android 11 Developer Preview was launched last year. We can see App Pairs in motion in just a few weeks if Google keeps to a similar timetable.

If you want a possible preview of the alleged App Pairs functionality of Android 12 right now, 9to5Google has built a handy mockup, which we have included above.

How to use Split-Screen on Android 12 ?

In Android 10, Google simply modified how to view split-screen, but certain users who heard about split-screen may have thought it was deleted. The split-screen was made a little easy to use, but harder to find, to balance the usability features of Android 10.

Users need to go to their new applications – also known as the preview tab – to open a split-screen. The location of this, like many Android features, depends on the handset, gesture settings, or home screen configuration, so to use split-screen settings, users will need to find their new applications. The latest menu can usually be reached by keeping the bottom bar and pulling the bar up for those on a newer and more stock-like UI.

split screen

When a user is on the menu with their new applications, they would need to select the app they choose to split-screen with and hit the menu at the top of the display with three dots.

For Samsung smartphones, at the top of the browser, users would need to keep the app logo down. Users should choose to open the split-screen from here.

It is also quicker to access the second window since users can only press either app and it will open in the split-screen display instantly. Users will drag the middle bar from here to determine which app takes up more or less of the screen, resizing all Android windows to suit the tasks on which they are operating.

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