User Can Now Add Photos Without Giving Review in Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is adding three new features that enable users to contribute useful content with others, including the option to post images without leaving a review.

The new Google Maps features introduced today aim to make it easier to share and discover local tips, and a new group competition will make the experience more enjoyable. Google Maps is about to have a new content form called photo notifications.

Photo notifications allow users to post the latest images of their interactions and highlights without having to leave a review. A photo update is a recent photograph of a location accompanied by a brief text summary. Pick the pictures and include a summary. In a single photo update, users can upload as many images as they want. Other people’s photo updates can be found on the same Updates page.

add photo without review in google maps

Users will be able to submit images of a location without having to write a review for the first time as this functionality launches in the coming weeks. This makes photo sharing on Google Maps more relaxed, similar to how photographs are shared on social media.

The addition of photo notifications could result in an explosion of user uploads for locations and businesses.
Those pictures could be helpful to some when choosing where to go next.

User can now draw Roads on Google Maps

Users of Google Maps will soon be able to report route improvements by using a desktop editing app to draw new or broken routes. When a path is absent in the laptop edition of Maps, pick “Edit the map” from the side menu.

Select “Missing Path” from the drop-down menu and start editing by drawing lines. Users may rename roads, adjust road directionality, and realign or erase incorrect roads using the road editing app.

add photo without review in google maps

Users will tell Google whether a road is blocked by entering dates, explanations, and directions in the road editor.
Before being uploaded, Google will review all user edits to a lane.

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