A Video Game-Themed Student Interest Inventory For Elementary Students

Why Use A Student Interest Inventory?

The purpose of this inventory is to help children at the elementary age express themselves by itemizing their favourite things.

Studies have shown the role of ‘favourites’ in exploring one’s own sense of identity. For better or for worse, we are often defined by these kinds of choices into adulthood. Helping students express themselves, and then see both the commonness and individuality in these choices relative to their peers is a great lesson, and even better ice-breaker or team-building activity.

This is especially important for younger children as they experiment with different themes and ideas that they feel ‘suits’ them best.

The following inventory will help them express those choices while doing so in the retro-hip ‘pixel’ style made popular by video games like Minecraft. We’ve included several versions to fit a range of elementary grade levels, though all are likely a better fit for K-3 than older elementary students.

A Video Game-Themed Student Interest Inventory For Elementary Students

What I Like

These Are My Favorite Things!









What I Like

These Are My Favorite Things!

1. My favorite food is___________because___________

2. My favorite movie is___________because__________

3. My favorite song is ____________because__________

4. My favorite app is_________because______________

5. My favorite game is___________because___________

6. My favorite book is___________because___________

7. My favorite animal is___________because__________

What I Like

Choose four of the following topics and write whatever you’d like about them. There are no rules–these are just prompts to help me get to know you this year. : ) The best responses will include explanations and details–not just answers, but why you feel that way.

Potential Topics: favorite video game character, most difficult video game, how you respond when certain video game levels or challenges are difficult, most recent game you’ve finished, favorite video game series, favorite video gaming YouTuber, upcoming/unreleased game you’re most looking forward to playing, Minecraft, single-player games versus multiplayer, funniest video game character, the kind of video game you’d like to be the star of, action vs rpg, first-person vs third-person, best video game story you’ve played recently

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