A Day in the Life of Elon Musk

A famous quote “When something is important enough you do it, even if the odds are not in your favor” was once said by the great inspirational of the century and Multi-Billionaire Elon Musk. With his extreme hard-working, dedication, smart decisions and innovative ideas, Elon Musk changed the world. He runs two of the top-most innovative companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

Besides working so hard he also provides valuable time to his family and six teenage sons, in which the sixth child name is X AE A-12 and memorable events with his family. But do you know how smartly he manages all his time, even though there is a lot of work and daily goals?

A Day in the Life of Elon Musk

Daily Routine

Musk once said that “Nobody changed the world on 40 hours a week”, Well a normal person has a daily routine, which usually begins by crawling out of bed, doing toothbrush then breakfast with some shower and then get to work but what this Billionaire Entrepreneur does is quite strange and a great motivation for all of us. He begins his routine by waking up at 7:00 AM and always look for the Critical Emails and Messages on his smartphone, in the first hour of consciousness.

These are generally about conference calls, journalists, important meetings or job candidates for SpaceX and Tesla, so a brief idea about the overall and important work is set up in Musk’s mind. After that, he grabs a good hot shower and usually skips breakfast because he wants to get to work as soon as possible, he is very punctual regarding his office work. You see he is much more focused and dedicated about completing the goal and achieving the milestones. Musk also prefer maintaining personal Hygiene. He goes to the gym twice a week and regularly does some workouts as soon as he completes his daily work.

He gives school time for his sons in Ad Astra School, which is a unique and innovative way of studying, developed by the SpaceX team members. Musk does not believe in the curriculum of the other schools in the US and says that it lack something more innovative or creative, so his own School is designed in such a way that is most suitable for highly talented or gifted children. Their curriculum is usually related to Science, Maths, Ethics, Engineering and something related to innovation and discovery of new ideas in every domain of Science and Engineering.

Every year around 1000 students apply to this School but unfortunately only 10-20 may be selected, because the requirement of this school is very high and they are trained not with pen/pencil paper handwriting but by typing on a computer, and a lot of attention is given in learning trending Technology like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Musk foresee the future with upcoming High-end technologies so he emphasises more focuses on learning and implementing this new technology and best utilizing these tools. He also started a non-profit project called OpenAI, which basically aims in achieving wider use on AI technologies and this project is open for anyone, who could come up with a creative or innovative idea that could be useful, he even work on this project around half of the day in achieving the project’s goal.

Now coming to his Work Day, he usually spent around 80-90 hours of the week working, which is usually the double amount of 40 hours, which most people do in a whole week. If we take an average of 80 to 90 hours of work in a week, then a single day can be estimated with around 16 hours of work every day. It is reported that Musk had been consuming a large amount of caffeine, instead of taking proper diet and sleep, he does this in order to skip sleep. He consumed around eight cans of Diet Coke and several large cups of coffee daily but one day Musk told in his interview that he got so freaking jacked that he seriously started feeling to lose peripheral vision. After this, he made his office caffeine-free and with diet coke.

A statistic report was made with multiple interviews of Musk, and it was found that Musk spend on an average time of 12.1 hours on work, 6 hours of sleep and 5.9 hours on non-essential work, whereas a US average employee aged between 25-54 years, would spend an average of 6.3 hours on work, 7.8 hours on sleep and 9.9 hours on non-essential work. It also has been found about Elon Musk’s average weekly work schedule and these were divided such that he spend 42 hours in Tesla, 40 hours in SpaceX, 5 hours in Neuralink, 2 hours in OpenAI and 2 hours in The Boring Co. This makes Musk very popular and an inspiration for all those who are working for his company.

At the early start of Tesla company, he was working so much that he would fall asleep lying on the floor, this could cause serious health and mental issue. This is the reason, he changed his working hour. He is even dedicated to a 5-minute work with full consciousness, which may sound strange. According to Musk, He always makes goals rather than dreaming about them and that is something different than a normal person does. He says that if a person gives his full attention or you can say 100% focus on even a small task, then that requires a little time in completion and also a fewer chance for any mistakes that could happen in this work. Musk always divide his Daily Schedule into few smaller routines and in 5-minutes fragment time, this way he gives attention to every work in detail. His week is divided in such a way that Monday and Friday for SpaceX and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Tesla.

Musk believes that a perfect life can be created by doing small things perfectly and thus every small effort can lead to great success.  When talking about Lunch, he usually does it during meetings with small meals like an omelette, salad or even a few slices of pizza. He tries to eat quickly as soon as possible so that he could get into work without wasting much time. According to him, food is simply a fuel that does not need not much time and attention to waste on it, rather than looking at the other goals that might be useful.

Elon Musk’s meetings are also based on simple rules like 4-6 people present during meetings and No Large meetings. Also, if you don’t add any ideas or points during the meeting, then you are not allowed for a further meeting, because Musk believes in quality time with some fruitful discussion and solving complex problems with some approaches, and not just simply wasting time by discussing over it, he believes in participation of every individual and contribution to the meeting. The meeting is set only for High priority work and no frequent meetings, as it’s a waste of time for everyone. Doing a lot of meetings would simply waste time by discussing similar topics.

Musk always think about doing some productive work, so he is always eager in learning new things, it may be complicated or difficult but he always give it a try. Talking about the weekends, Musk spent his time at SpaceX, he does this usually when working on Big or Complex projects, or else he would spend his time with family. He spent his Saturday with his five sons. Sunday is marked as the Rest Day for Musk. During this day, he would prefer travelling to new locations or move around his new mansion with some entertainment.

Another strange thing about Musk is that he check for important emails and messages during Nature’s call or Toilet, he believes that it’s the best time to utilize it. Musk turns off his phone during work, so that his concentration would never break, and check for messages/emails in the toilet. He even uses unclear email address so that no one could spam his inbox and thus ensure to check only emails that are very important. After doing the heavy work all day, he prefers going to the gym or reading books or giving quality time to his family. Musk always loves the reading book so much that he would dive into its thought and goes to bed around 1:00 AM thus his total sleep is around 6 to 6.5 hours per night, And this schedule is not for a day or week but for Year. And That’s what makes him a successful entrepreneur and motivation for all of us.

Now, apart from knowing Elon Musk’s daily schedule, what important things that you can learn and implement from this so as to become successful in life. Now, I am not saying that you just go and blindly follow his schedule, but learn from his Golden Rules, and these are :

  1. Dream big, but make short goals. Because short goals are easy to accomplish and it also boost your confidence in achieving the target. Try to break down your goals into easy and small task that could be done quickly.This is called Smart Work.
  2. Always give time to your family. No matter what work you do or where you live. You must spend your quality time with family or relatives because they are always there for you, with every turn in your life.
  3. Utilize every minute of your time as Time is very precious than Gold, and so you must use it wisely. You can always get your money back, but you cannot get time.
  4. Take risk, if you succeed in it, then you will be appreciated. And if failed, then you will learn a good lesson from it.
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