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5 Ways to Get a Dead Spy Pen to Work

If you own a Spy Pen, it may sometimes seem to be stuck on with the light on or to be dead and unable to switch on. We created this article to demonstrate some of the techniques we discovered for getting you back to work.


1. Perform A Hard Reset

Generally, putting the end of a paper clip into the hole below the status light on the rear and doing a hard reset will restore functionality to your Spy Pen. Simply bend the end of a tiny paper clip out and put it directly into the hole. When you encounter resistance, gently push until you feel the reset button pushed. Ensure that it is inserted straight in and not at an angle, or you risk damaging some of the internal components. Allow yourself to release your grip and attempt to switch it on.

2. Rule Out The USB Cable

If you are connecting the Spy Pen to your computer or to the 110V wall charger adaptor through a USB connection, the cable will eventually break. If you’re using the USB cable because you’re unable to connect the pen directly to the computer, try simply plugging it in. Avoid using a USB hub, since it may not have adequate power; instead, connect it straight to the computer’s USB port. Utilize the USB port on the rear of certain laptops, since the front USB ports are sometimes weaker.

3. Rule Out The 110V Wall Charger

As with the USB cord, the 110V wall charger adapter will eventually fail; if it does not seem to charge, try charging it for three hours in the USB port of your computer. If the status light is on during charging, the battery is receiving energy.

4. Put The Spy Pen Back In Video Mode

Several Spy Pens have switches for switching between picture and speech activation modes. If you move the switch to change modes without returning it to video mode, the computer will complain that the switch is not recognised. Return the switch to its original position.

5. Erase & Reformat The Spy Pen

If your PC detects the Spy Pen as a detachable drive, just right-click on the icon and choose “Format.” Then choose the “Quick Format” option and click OK. The drive will be completely wiped and reinstalled. This typically eliminates any pens that survive this far. Utilize Disk Utility on an Apple computer to wipe the drive and format it as MS-DOS 32. Then properly eject the drive; on a Mac, right-click the disc and choose eject. To correctly eject the device from a PC, click on the green Left arrow in the bottom right corner of the display, then on eject.

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