5 Best Free eCommerce Themes For WordPress [2021] Free

Are you looking for the finest WordPress eCommerce themes? Even though there are many other lists out there with 40 or more choices, we chose to be a bit pickier with this one. Isn’t it true that quality overtakes quantity?

The cart and checkout pages will also be included since we recognize that the main store page is not the only essential element of a WordPress eCommerce theme. This will allow you to see how each theme handles these critical parts of the user experience.

Starting with a brief overview of what makes a strong WordPress eCommerce theme, we’ll go into a more in-depth examination of each theme.

4 Things to Keep in mind While Selecting Best Ecommerce Theme

Choosing a decent WordPress eCommerce theme is more than simply looking for a visually appealing theme that contains the words “WooCommerce compatible” in the feature list.

Aside from the aesthetics of the design, there are several particular aspects that you should pay attention to in order to make your shop as effective as possible:

1) Performance

It is critical for all websites to load quickly, but the stakes are especially high in the world of eCommerce. A single 100-millisecond delay may reduce your store’s conversion rate by 7 Percent!, and even mobile users expect eCommerce sites to load in under 3 seconds, according to Akamai.

2) Mobile-friendly

Continuing on the topic of mobile, did you know that, according to eMarketer estimates, mobile sales now account for the majority of all eCommerce purchases? Yes, your theme must be responsive and function well on mobile devices.

3) Cart and Payment pages

These pages may make or break your conversion rate, depending on how they are designed. Unless they are trust seals or other conversion-boosting material, you want them to be devoid of distractions.

4) Conversion Friendly Page

Features that are conversion-friendly. Keep an eye out for elements that may help you increase your conversion rate, such as sale countdown clocks or possibilities for cross-selling.

We attempted to make sure that each theme on this list had as many features as possible, even if it meant that not every theme on this list included every single function.

1) Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer is a CommerceGurus eCommerce product that has been improved for performance. It is important to note that this subject mainly highlights two essential concepts:

i) High Conversion rate.

ii) Excellent Performance.

5 best ecommerce theme

This theme earns a place on our list of the best eCommerce WordPress themes because it addresses two subjects that should be near and dear to your heart if you are operating an online shop.

Key Functionality

Performance has been improved, with nice touches such as automated minification (you can view all of the theme’s performance statistics on the sales page for the theme).

Checkout page that has been optimized for conversions. You may also turn off the theme’s header, footer, and sidebar on the checkout page, which will remove any distractions from the checkout process.

Smart microcopy, such as the option to put your return policy and free shipping just below the add to cart button, may help you stand out from the competition.

Callback Feature

Because of its uniqueness, this feature is an excellent choice for high-value goods where consumers may want to ask inquiries prior to finalizing their purchases.

Sticky Product information on the scroll

Another interesting and one-of-a-kind feature that “sticks” key product information to the top of the page as customers scroll down the page is “sticky notes.”

Better SEO rankings

Organic search accounts for a significant portion of most businesses’ overall performance. It is also a key component of the buyer funnel, and ultimately, it is responsible for persuading consumers to finish an interaction.

Minified and Critical CSS created automatically!

Shoptimizer offers theme settings that are focused on speed, such as automated minification of the main CSS file for lightning-fast page loading time. Additionally, it automatically generates a ‘critical CSS’ stylesheet, which allows the contents of a user’s viewport to be loaded very quickly.

This essential CSS provides the sense of instant contact with your site without the need to wait – a significant conversion milestone for eCommerce companies.

Trust Badges and Logo

Trust badges that are integrated. Trust badges may be displayed on your cart and checkout pages with relative ease.
Timers for sales. Increase the sense of urgency by including a countdown timer or a limited supply indicator on the product page.

shoptimizer payment page

Elementor used for Core Page

Elementor was used to create the core pages. This allows you to modify them using a simple drag-and-drop editing interface.

Swipe out Payment Page

Cart page with a slide-out feature. With the help of a convenient slide-out cart, customers can quickly see their shopping basket without having to refresh the website and Page with the Shopping Cart
The following are some important points to consider:

Simple steps at the beginning of the process to inform consumers of their current position in the process.
Under the checkout button, you’ll see trust badges.

Smart Checkout Page

At the bottom, there is a clever microcopy (free shipping, easy returns, etc.). This is the last page of the checkout process.

Listed below is an example of what the default checkout looks like (keep in mind that you may remove the header, footer, and sidebar for a really distraction-free checkout):

In addition to the customer testimonials under the trust badges, this is a well-designed page. That is another excellent technique for increasing conversions.

Shoptimizer Pricing and Demonstration: Try Here
Shoptimizer is available for purchase: (50% OFF + 10% Extra on your First Order) and 25% EXTRA THIS WEEK.

2) Astra

Astra is a lean, mean multipurpose theme that is particularly popular among those who create WordPress websites for other people’s businesses.

Despite the fact that it is a versatile theme, it features a fantastic dedicated WooCommerce integration, with lots of possibilities for customizing the appearance of your shop. It’s very simple to personalize and make your own. Alternatively, you may start with one of the many included demo sites to get a jumpstart on your project.


Key Functionality

Amazing Performance

A fantastic performance. Astra was the third quickest WordPress theme, just behind extremely minimalist themes, according to Tidy Repo’s extensive study of 100+ WordPress themes.


Customizer options allow you to customize the appearance of your product page.


Filtering that occurs outside of the canvas. Users may access advanced product filtering via a sidebar slide-in.

Quick View

A brief look at the product. While I’ve heard conflicting opinions on whether or not fast view is a good thing, Astra provides the feature.

Straightforward Checkout Page

Checkout is a straightforward two-step procedure. Friction is reduced as a result of a simpler checkout process. Check out without being distracted. It is simple to activate distraction-free checkout mode in WordPress by checking an option in the WordPress Customizer.

Shopping Cart Page

The layout of Astra’s cart is straightforward, which guarantees that nothing distracts your customers. The checkout procedure is also straightforward (again, this is a good thing!). With the distraction-free mode, you can also conceal the main menu and add progress indicators for the two-step checkout process.

astra checkout page

Optimized For Mobile Sales

By 2021, mobile devices are expected to account for almost a quarter of all eCommerce sales, with the figure expected to rise to more than 50% by then.

Following the latest trends, we ensured that Astra provided you with a responsive design that your customers will appreciate, as well as specific configuration options for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices to ensure that your customers have the best experience possible regardless of which device they are using.

astra checkout page

Other Top Features of Astra

  • Infinite Scroll
  • Grid Setting
  • Dedicated Sidebar
  • Quick View
  • Dropdown Cart
  • Product Catalog
  • Sales Bubble Page
  • Infinite Color Variation

Astra Pricing and Demo

There is a free version of Astra available on WordPress.org; but, if you want the most advanced WooCommerce features, you’ll need the Pro edition. The Pro edition is available for purchase for $59 USD.

3) Newspaper

Newspaper is an attractive, responsive WordPress theme that was created specifically for blog or online store owners, as well as newspaper and magazine websites, among other things. The Newspaper theme by tagDiv is completely frontend editable, and it is powered by the tagDiv Composer page builder. It also includes numerous one-click installable prebuilt store websites that may be customized.


Key Features

  • This was an outstanding performance. Layouts that are lightweight, responsive, and retina-ready. Several eShop-ready pre-built websites that are completely customizable are available.
  • WooCommerce Shortcodes that you can drag and drop on your product and category pages are very versatile.
    Product page layouts that are both visually appealing and easily customizable on the frontend.
  • Stunning category pages that may be customized to suit your needs.
  • Product archive templates that may be used to create any kind of page design are available for download.
  • Advanced product filtering is a fantastic method that assists consumers in finding the goods they need in a short period of time.
  • Product search layouts are a fantastic method to match customers’ queries with the appropriate products on the market.
  • Selling store-based pages are contemporary templates that act as landing pages for goods that have been listed.
  • TagDiv Cloud Library is a collection of 1500+ pre-made design layouts that includes a Header and Footer Builder, as well as a frontend page builder that is exclusive to tagDiv.
  • It is simple to monetize via the insertion of advertisements.
  • WPML is completely compatible.

Shopping Cart Page

There are just two columns in the shopping cart, each of which displays product and price information as well as the number and amount of goods purchased, discount codes, and the total cost of your purchase before you proceed to the checkout. In addition, there is an option to update the cart once the item’s number has been changed.


Checkout process

The checkout page in the Newspaper theme is basic and uncomplicated to use. You may see your order, input discount coupons, choose a payment method, and include billing and shipping information, as well as any other information you want.

Price and Demo

Newspaper is available for purchase on ThemeForest for $59, which includes free lifetime upgrades for a single site as well as six months of free technical assistance.

4) Monstroid 2

Monstroid 2 is a popular multipurpose theme available on the TemplateMonster marketplace by Zemez. It features comprehensive WooCommerce compatibility to assist you in creating an eCommerce shop.

You’ll get a variety of importable sample sites (dubbed “skins”), all of which are created using Elementor for simple drag-and-drop modification. If you’re looking for something that’s adaptable to almost any eCommerce specialty, this is a good option.

monstroid 2

Key Features

There are over 100 importable sample sites and over 1,000 total templates, all of which are created using Elementor for simple visual drag-and-drop modification.

JetWooBuilder is integrated, allowing you to build your single product and shop archive templates using Elementor. JetMenu and JetElements are integrated, allowing you to utilize Elementor to create custom headers, footers, mega menus, and more.

Basket will appear when the symbol is hovered over, allowing customers to quickly check their cart. Additionally, there is a button for straight checkout.

Shopping Cart

Monstroid 2 offers a variety of various shop templates, but for these examples, I’ll show the Marronis fashion store template. The shopping cart has a clean, contemporary look and a large, prominent checkout button.

monstroid 2

Checkout Page

This sample site’s checkout page has a single-column design that is devoid of distractions.

Monstroid 2 Pricing and Demo

Monstroid 2 is available for purchase at TemplateMonster for $95 and includes lifetime upgrades for a single site.

5) Flatsome

We’d be remiss if we didn’t put Flatsome on our list, given that it’s the best-selling WordPress eCommerce theme on ThemeForest. It has almost 77,000 sales and a 4.80-star rating out of 5, which is really awesome.

One of the reasons people enjoy Flatsome is its flexibility — it comes with a slew of pre-built demos and a custom page builder.


Key Features

  • A mobile-friendly design ensures an excellent mobile purchasing experience.
  • Customers may locate the appropriate items via live search.
  • There is an infinite number of product page layouts to ensure that everything looks exactly perfect.
  • Beautiful account pages that allow users to manage their orders.
  • Integrated wishlist feature (self-explanatory!).
  • Integrated Quickview capabilities (however, as previously said, Quickview is not necessarily a good idea).

Shopping Cart Page

Although the shopping cart looks rather cluttered, you could delete the bottom widgets for a more distraction-free approach.


The checkout process seems to be pleasant, however, you’d definitely want to eliminate the bottom widgets.


Flatsome Price

Flatsome is $59 in price.

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