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47 More Apps to be Banned, PUBG Rumored to be in the List

(Source: Internet News)

After banning 59 Chinese apps in the month of June, the Government of India has decided to ban 47 more apps having Chinese connection or origin. TikTok, ShareiT, Xender, CamScanner were some big and popular names to be banned in the last move. The current move is rumored to include the most popular mobile game of current time ‘PUBG Mobiles’. However, the official list of apps to be banned has not been released by the Government of India.


It is talked about that some Chinese apps were still available in Play Store India which were not so popular but still they had Chinese origin or connection. The new move will even cover all such similar.

This action may favour Indian app developers because there will be substantial gap to be covered once all Chinese apps disappear from Indian market.


What do you think about this action by the Government of India. Please comment below and let us know.

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