What is a Function in PHP

A function is a named block of code that performs a specific task, possibly acting upon a set of values given to it, or parameters, and possibly returning a single value. Functions save on compile time—no matter how many times you call them, functions are compiled only once for the page. They also improve reliability by allowing you to fix any bugs in one place, rather than everywhere you perform a task, and they improve read-ability by isolating code that performs specific tasks.

Calling Functions

Functions in a PHP program can be built-in (or, by being in an extension, effectively built-in) or […]

HTC Users Complain Keyboard App Is Showing Ads, Company Says It’s an ‘Error’

HTC has addressed the concerns of its smartphone users after some of them reported that they were seeing ads on the company’s built-in keyboard app.

The company says it won’t be showing ads on TouchPal, the keyboard app, adding that the ads found their way up onto the keyboard app “due to error”. A software update is in the works to rectify the issue, HTC said.

Over the weekend, posts showing ads on HTC’s keyboard app circulated like wildfire on social media, and many users joined the commotion to report seeing similar ads on their HTC-made phones. HTC 10 was one of […]

How to Protect Smartphones From Overheating


Overheating of the smartphones is one of the common issue even with handsets from the most popular companies like Samsung and Motorola. With smartphones increasingly adding processing power and packing large batteries with fast charging technology, users often face situations when their smartphones overheat during certain tasks, manufacturers are constantly upgrading their products in order to stuff the best between available in the market. At the same time, designers are diminishing sizes and creating astonishingly thin smartphones and this is eventually leading to awful heat management causing a large number of issues.

Why do smartphones heat up?

Overheating occurs mostly due to […]

SQL vs SQLi vs PDO

An overview

MySQL which stands for Structured Query Language is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). It is owned by Oracle Corporation. MySQL database is used by applications like TYPO3, Word Press, MyBB etc. it is used in many high profile websites such as Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Flicker. MySQL is basically written in C and C++.

MySQLi extension is a relational database driver used in PHP programming language. It is used to provide an interface with MySQL database. MySQLi is an improved version of older PHP MySQL driver, offering various benefits. The persistent connection of MySQLi extension provides built-in […]

LeakerLocker Android Ransomware Threatens to Leak Your Personal Information to Your Contacts

It seems as though Google’s Android platform is facing its worst time yet as far as malware infestations go. After two malware-related reports in the past week – CopyCat and SpyDealer – there are now reports of another malware, called LeakerLocker, that has the potential to send your personal pictures, messages and browser history to your friends. What’s more, this malware is also reportedly a ransomware that does not encrypt files.

Popular security technology company, McAfee has discovered that the LeakerLocker ransomware can be accidentally downloaded from the Google Play. As of now, It has noted two apps in particular, Wallpapers […]

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070057 Easily

Computer program errors are always a nightmare to tackle but when you know how to fix it, the job becomes simple and undemanding. Error code 0x80070057 is a common error that might scare the users while working. If you don’t know how to fix this error, keep reading the information discussed below:

Error 0x80070057 pops up while formatting the hard disk or when taking a data backup too. Though Windows 7 has the ability to work efficiently, a small bug might ruin your computer. Cleaning up the windows registry is quite specific, since you need to find the root cause of […]