The 4 Best NAS for Home Media Servers and Shared Storage

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a must-have for a modern home with multiple inhabitants. If everyone has their own computer and phones, a NAS can back up data so you never run out of space. And it’s an excellent common media server for the whole home.

Indeed, NAS is the best backup solution out there. In fact, most NAS boxes will also have a failsafe second hard drive that keeps a copy of everything on your main drive, in case the main drive malfunctions.

In this article, we tell you what to look for in a NAS and recommend a handful of the […]

5 Free Exercise and Workout Generators for Better Routines

It’s good to have a fitness routine, but routine can get boring. Let’s fix that with a few randomized workout generators for different types of exercises.

Naturally, these generators are best if you already know the basics of the exercises you plan on doing. Whether it’s running, swimming, or hitting the gym, these apps aren’t trainers for beginners. They’re for regular users who want to change things up for a fresh workout.

1. Random Exercise (Web): Quick No-Equipment Exercises for Anyone

It’s a known fact that sitting too long is hazardous for health

Buy Now to Save Money

Adobe’s decision to phase out its one-time payment desktop apps has not been a popular one. While there is merit to paying a one-time larger fee for one desktop app, Adobe’s Creative Cloud comes with a lot of great advantages, and represents good value for money.

So why should you purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud? We’ve compiled a list of reasons to invest in the Adobe Creative Cloud. And if you want to save yourself a few extra dollars, you should buy now in order to beat a forthcoming price rise.

1. The Creative Cloud Is Value for Money

There are four different […]

How to Spot 7 Online Fakes Used by Scammers

Anyone who’s used the internet (hopefully) knows that you can’t trust everything you see online. Just because something looks trustworthy doesn’t mean that it’s exactly what it claims.

But knowing there are fakes in the wild and being able to spot them are different.

Knowing how to spot counterfeit content online is a vital skill to avoid wasting time, losing money, or destroying your property


Why You Should Stop Using AutoSave in Microsoft Office 365

The AutoSave feature in Microsoft Office 365 can be a parachute for your forgetfulness. Yes, the AutoSave feature helps you recover your Office files, but there’s one important thing you should know about that little toggle button:

When AutoSave is on, your changes are continually saved to the original, so any changes you make overwrites the original and you cannot get it back.

How to Turn Off AutoSave in Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft explains the AutoSave feature as a failsafe that automatically saves your file every few seconds so that anyone working with you on the cloud can instantly see the changes. But Microsoft […]

10 DIY Space Projects You Can Build Yourself

Whether you’ve been dreaming about space all your life, or just like the idea of a car on its way to Mars, there’s no denying that space exploration continues to be a fascination for many.

While joining the NASA engineering team may be impossible for most, these backyard space projects have all been produced in the homes, garages, and gardens of amateur rocket engineers and enthusiasts. 3… 2… 1… lift off!

This incredible mission control desk was built by Jeff Highsmith from Make. Using a variety of switches, knobs, lights, and dials, this incredible project looks and sounds just like the real […]

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Mirrorless Camera

Digital SLRs are dead, long live the mirrorless camera! Now I’ve got your attention, there really are some benefits to choosing a mirrorless camera over a DSLR.

Mirrorless cameras are smaller, better at video, and more affordably priced. They also pack in pro-level features, best-in-class performance, and have been designed alongside a new breed of purpose-built video and still lenses.

If you have recently bought a mirrorless camera, or are just thinking of doing so, here are some mirrorless camera tips to help get you started.

1. Buy More Batteries

It’s the achilles heel of the mirrorless system, and while it’s getting better, battery […]

The 4 Best iPhone Radio Apps Compared

Increasingly, folks are turning to streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify to enjoy their favorite music. Despite this, traditional terrestrial radio stations have survived. You can enjoy many of these stations on your iPhone thanks to the internet and the rise of digital radio.

You’ll find no shortage of radio-based apps on the App Store. However, only a few of these are worth considering. And of them, one is clearly the best, as you’ll see below.

What Makes a Great Radio App?

You should consider four critical factors when selecting an app to listen to traditional radio stations.

First, you’ll want to […]

10 Killer Productivity Apps That Work Offline

With every passing day, the world becomes more reliant on the internet. From productivity suites to password managers, it seems like there’s a web app for just about everything.

But the reliance on the web is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, the proliferation of online tools means you can theoretically remain productive from anywhere in the world.

But what happens when you’re stuck offline? We all know connectivity issues strike when you least expect them, and it’s easy to rack up hours of lost productivity.

Which offline productivity apps will help you stay productive even when you’re cut off from the […]

How to Know If Your Baby Monitor Is a Security Threat to Your Family

Keeping your children safe is one of your ultimate goals in life. It sure is for me. But at the end of a long day, you want to put them to bed and sit down with a nice cold one. If you have an infant, there’s a good chance you also have a baby monitor. Hearing those little movements, those tiny coughs and gurgles let you know the small one is secure.

In the old days, your baby monitor was audio-only, using a radio frequency for its connection. But modern baby monitors are online, networked, available through your smartphone, with videos […]