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15 Ways to Promote Your Product for Free on the Internet?

Every business owner wants to present their goods or services to potential customers. However, most traditional methods are expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy TV advertisements when they start their firm.

But today, we will show you 15 ways to promote your product for free on the Internet. These methods are tried and tested so that you can pick any one according to your comfort level.

Why Promote on Internet?

We all know that how important promotion is for the growth of any business, whether it is a small business or a large corporation. The internet is the best place to promote your business. Both free and paid solutions are available,, such as digital marketing, paid ads and free classified websites. However, we are going to focus on how to leverage free sources and methods to promote and grow your business.

You can still successfully advertise your company without spending much money, so don’t panic.

I’ve put up a list of 15 free ways to market your business to illustrate my point. You would just need to commit a single period of your time to these marketing strategies.

15 ways to promote your product for free on the internet

Be sure to read till the end because it might help you understand the overall idea of how free brand promotion is done on the Internet.

How to Advertise Your Product for Free on the Internet

A difficult task is developing a product (or a service). You need to make it, of course, but you also need to ensure that it will find a potential market and succeed.

The most challenging aspect of a product or service is to make people aware of it before you can make sales. The customer needs to be sure about your product or services.

What’s even tougher, though? What if you don’t have any money (i.e. none) to spend on advertising? Doesn’t it seem like a real pain? A good marketing plan doesn’t always depend on how much money you spend. Everything comes down to how well it generates value. So, one needs to put quite an effort in the initial days.

But don’t worry. I have perfectly crafted some of the best ideas you can start with, and in the coming days, I will explain more about each process in detail, so stick with the Digital Gyan website.

Let’s look at some of the free methods to endorse your product on the Internet:

Use Social Media to Promote for Free

Social media is no longer simply for sharing pictures of your family pets. You may have used it for surfing or chatting with your loved ones.

It may be used as a marketing tool to promote your small business. Social networking is a wonderful approach to connecting with potential clients and consumers. You may update your followers frequently, give them an inside peek at how your company works, and even let them know when sales will be held.

There is some paid campaigns on Facebook or Instagram to promote your product. But, I am talking about using the free method. You can start by creating a Facebook or Instagram Marketing Page for FREE!

But, you have first to gain some followers or friends.

Try this by posting some meaningful content about your product. Share the reviews or videos of your products with your friends or other people on social media. Ask them about their opinion. One must focus on building organic traffic to your page. Once you have enough followers, you can start promoting your product.

You may invest your time in setting up social media profiles on sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter rather than spending a tonne of cash.

share your brand

YouTube offers a free opportunity to share inventive promotional films, but to succeed, you must post materials that viewers will find interesting and that are pertinent to your company—a straightforward advertisement will not cut it.

Use Blogger or a Free Website

A blog not only promotes your business by gaining followers, but it also gives you a direct channel for communicating with your audience. But remember that updating your stream as regularly as possible is one of the essential elements of blogging. A stale, abandoned blog has little value. Ensure that every piece you write offers readers useful information.

Create blog entries that describe your company’s history and address any queries you may have from prospective clients. To increase traffic to your website, you may also post your blog on your social media sites.

Try Business Directories

Signing up for Google My Business is one approach to promoting your company. With the help of this free tool, you can create a listing for your company that will make it simple for customers to find it on Google searches and appear on Google Maps.

Any business can do it by completing a brief verification procedure and an online registration form.

business directories

One of the most well-known internet business directories is Yelp. You may register for a free Yelp account to communicate with consumers and advertise your company.

Additionally, customers may submit ratings, reviews, and images of their interactions with your company, which can increase purchases.

Add SEO to your Blog or Website

Optimising your company website for search engines is crucial so that clients can find you quickly. In the age of nonstop Google-ing, SEO cannot be undervalued. Thanks to search engine optimisation, you have the advantage when promoting your company. It boosts website traffic and establishes your authority in your field of expertise.

To ensure that your website is optimised for performance on search engines, you may pick up a book or discover resources online to learn how to advertise your business with SEO.

Use Forums or Online Communities or Groups

Every specialisation has internet communities. But joining a forum and occasionally posting about your company isn’t helpful for anyone and could even irritate individuals.

Maintain a low profile and actively engage the neighbourhood while avoiding bringing up your company. You may advertise it without actively doing anything by including a link in your signature or just bringing up your company when pertinent.

forum or community group

Share your Blog or Website on different Social Media

Everything on your website should be shareable, whether you’re writing in-depth blog pieces, producing interesting videos, or just announcing a new product. Quick links to social media, email and text message sharing allow your users to promote your company to their networks at no cost.

You may promote your small company online for free in many ways. In summary, your target audience is likely already using social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so why not interact with them there? Use free internet business directories to your advantage so your company shows up in current searches for the services you offer.

Use Quora or Yahoo Answers

People visit certain online forums when they are stuck and trying to find a solution to their problems. You may locate new clients on major Q&A websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. Additionally, people ask queries on Linkedin Groups.

So how can you take use of it? Register on these websites, then begins looking for your goods or services. For instance, I may look for “Accounting Software” as I want to spread the word about ProfitBooks.

quora or yahoo

There will be several inquiries about your goods. People may have questions regarding the best retailers of this product, comparisons of other items, and other topics.

Attend Meetups or Conferences

Events, expos, and meetups are excellent venues for growing your network and attracting new clients. Simply type in “business events in (your city)” to get a list of upcoming events from Google.

For events in a variety of categories, see AllEvents nearby. Most of these events draw consumers, distributors, resellers, and consultants and are usually free. You’ll gradually come to understand that people attend these gatherings mostly to network, and the individuals you meet there may wind up becoming your clients.

In one of these gatherings, I got the opportunity to meet someone who is now our distributor.

attend meetups or conferences

Add your Business on Google

Google is personalising search by showing results tailored to your location today. For instance, searching for a McDonald’s will provide a map of the location closest to you. Therefore, having a Google Local listing for a business is all but required.

Just visit Google My Business and take control of your listing. You may even add your office location and provide information about your business if you don’t have a physical store.

Start a YouTube Channel

Did you realise that YouTube receives over 4 billion daily video views? Each day sees an increase in this number. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to post a video about your product or service as soon as possible!

The best thing is that this video will also appear in search results, increasing your goods’ visibility with Organic Traffic! How do you begin? Decide what you’re going to make first. For items, a quick two-minute demo would be ideal, and for services, you may attach a client testimonial that has been recorded.

Nice editing tools are available on YouTube for uploaded videos. For instance, you may edit videos, add narration or music, and do a lot more.

Print Your Business Brand on Product

Another approach to launching a free internet company is to create an account with a “print on demand” product publishing websites like Society6 or Zazzle.

You may often make a unique design, upload it to things like T-shirts and mugs, and then sell the item for nothing online. Receive royalties from customers who buy things from your online store.

print your business brand on product

Additionally, the shop is frequently opened on your behalf without cost to you. A portion of each sale is paid to the online product publication provider, which also creates and sends your products to the customer.

Offer Some Discounts or Coupons

Millions of people visit deal websites like Groupon and Coupon Dunia portals. So, if you can think of a discount or offer, you may attract a sizable customer base for nothing.

This is how it functions: You will arrange a meeting with Groupon officials at your workplace by contacting them. A good discount (more than 30%) and a commission percentage that will go to Groupon must then be agreed upon.

After then, Groupon will handle the promotion on your behalf. They have a sizable database of people who have signed up. In the event of other transaction websites, the procedure will be essentially the same.

Use Some Creativity to attract Your Brand

You may advertise your goods in countless ways without spending a dime! You may, for instance, use your social network to generate ideas for a partnership or joint venture.

A fantastic strategy is to host a competition. You may look for rewards that would be useful to your audiences, such as cash, ebooks, subscriptions, and memberships. Use the full power of social media to make the announcement, and be sure to explain to your sponsors exactly what benefits they will receive (such as the promotion of their product).

A small advertising budget truly helps, but in emergency situations where going free is your only choice, all you need to do is be a little creative with free options.

Offer some Free Demo or Trial of your Products

People love free stuff, and many Big Brands are following these strategies to launch new products in the market.

By giving your product for free, you not only increase your Brand Value or sales, but also you can get your product reviews from customers.

Once a customer becomes a fan of your product, they will definitely be going to buy your product.

free demo or trial of your products

Use Referrals from other Brands or Products

Businesses have historically given customers rewards for referring their goods and services to others. Referrals are still one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd, both online and offline.

Offering discounts and other rewards for recommendations that result in purchases is typically less expensive than advertising. A roofer may, for instance, provide longer warranties on his work in return for recommendations.

Customers trust commercials less than the opinions of other consumers, according to a 2009 Nielsen poll of 25,000 consumers in 50 countries. Nine out of ten online consumers said they believe in personal recommendations.


There are several free marketing strategies you may use to attract new customers, including the ones listed below:

• Social media: Using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent methods to generate free publicity for your company.

• Blogs: To raise awareness, write articles or blog entries about your company and post them on your website or platforms like Medium and LinkedIn.

• Press releases: Submit news releases to internet press release databases and regional media sources.

• Networking: To create fruitful business connections, join networking events like trade exhibits and fairs. You can also offer speeches or presentations at neighbourhood gatherings and business meetings.

• Business cards and flyers: Hand out cards, flyers, and brochures to nearby businesses in your town.

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