10 Tips to Turn Your Marketing Into a Burning Machine

Activity Management is a balancing act between taking action and non-action. Here are 10 tips to turn your Marketing strategy into a burning machine. This is especially true for artists who are not only marketing themselves, they are also in the production of their craft.

1. When you deprive your marketing of action and ideas your marketing reacts protectively against an ancient threat: Famine of $ or whatever your fear is.


2. People who regularly take one step at a time have more success and confidence. Instead of focusing on can not, focus on that you can.

3. Get out networking. It helps you build your confidence levels and more people will know what you do and what you can do for them. It’s like strength training, the more you do the more high energy you’ll have.

4. Beta test. Market yourself smarter, try out different things.

5. Vary your tactics. Introduce one marketing idea after another one and do a new tactic every month.

6. Get out and exercise, such as walking, biking, swimming gives your body some strength training to build your stamina and energy levels.

7. Avoid hanging out with people who want to bring you down in a negative way. You do not need this.

8. Visualize on the end results that you want to have for yourself. Just focus on what you want to be doing or having.

9. Read books, PDF files subscribe to e-zines and listen to CD’s or tapes for motivation form your favourite mentors to help you


10. Develop your own formula of steps for success that work for you.

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